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Privacy Statement

SOLVIT is an informal problem solving network with a SOLVIT centre in each Member State as part of the national administration. The SOLVIT database is operated by the European Commission and the European Commission SOLVIT Privacy Statement is available here at (

The Irish SOLVIT Centre is staffed by officials of the Department of Buisness, Enterprise and Innovation and handles all personal data obtained from the public in the course of SOLVIT cases in accordance with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 & 2003 and with the Departmental Records Management Policy Guidelines.

In order to assess and deal with your problem SOLVIT Ireland may have to collect personal information about you. By submitting a case to SOLVIT Ireland you are confirming that we have your permission to disclose your personal data and documentation relating to your case to;

  • the SOLVIT Centre in the other Member State concerned via the European Commission SOLVIT database
  • the relevant public authorities in Ireland and in the other Member State concerned
  • Third parties for translation purposes, for the purpose of obtaining informal advice, or as required by law
  • the European Commission staff in charge of SOLVIT where necessary

Any personal information provided to the Irish SOLVIT Centre in support of a case will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality.